The Freshman 15 

I know this may seem like a bit of a random topic for my blog but this is something I have a little bit of insight on. I was one of those who said “I am NOT gaining the freshman 15lbs , you don’t have to worry about me.” Well turns out I actually gained the freshman 20lbs.

I’m sharing this because I want you to be able to avoid this.

In high school I didn’t play sports like most people, but I was a cheerleader and  kept myself pretty active. I didn’t realize at the time how active I actually was until I went to college. Here’s a list a few things other things that I didn’t realize at the time that can help you avoid the Freshman 15:

1. Eating late at night. 

I lived in a dorm my first 2 years of college. If you don’t know already, dorm life is like having a sleep over almost every night, especially freshman year. The later you stay up the more apt you are to getting hungry. I never went to bed before midnight freshman year. It was awesome, but there was many times when it bit me in the butt. If you do get hungry at that time try to pick a healthier snack, even if it’s a cup of granola or a apple.

2. Fear of missing out. 

Everything is so new to you at this stage in your life and you don’t want to miss out on anything. When your friends going out to eat every night eating unhealthy food because the caf is gross, it’s hard to resist. Let’s be honest you look at your skinny friends that are eating unhealthy it and you think it’s okay and you justify it. I did that. You never want to miss out on the experience but there has to be a balance. You can still get the same fun experience eating healthy.

3. Not enough time. 

There is not enough time in the day during college. From going to class, to studying, to being social, working in a nap because you stayed up late, and remembering to still have fun, there is barely any time for exercise. Exercising is a huge commitment in college. You have to be every disciplined to stick with it because it honesty not the most important thing in your life but it can make you feel a lot better to conquer everything else. I suggest doing it with your friends because then your spending quality time with your friends and your sill getting a good work, plus it’s more fun.

4. Drinking 

I choose to not drink and party. I’m not degrading people who do but it just goes against who I want to be and my faith. This being the case, I didn’t have to worry about gaining weight this way. Let me also say that because I didn’t drink I made SO many memories that I will remember forever. On Saturday nights my friends and I drove around our little college town and made our own fun or we stayed in our dorm and had movie night. No matter what just being together was the most fun. I have no doubt that I had more fun than anyone my Freshman year with our taking one sip of alcohol. Again I’m not judging those who chose differently but just think about it.

Now, after those 3 points let me tell you this…it is awesome if you can avoid the freshman 15 because it is hard to get off. But it is also okay if you do gain it. 

It’s not the end of the world and your worth has not changed one bit. Take it from someone who did gain it, my friends and family still loved me, my boyfriend (now fiancé) still thought I was beautiful, and most importantly Jesus still loved me. Your worth is not in how much you weigh. You can avoid the freshman 15lbs and have no relationship with God and be completely miserable.

  • Berkeley says:

    Thank you for this Brighton, really awesome reminder that even when I gained a little weight Jesus’ love for me still remained the same!! xoxo

  • Julianna M. says:

    Freshman 15? More like freshman 25!!
    Even though I was not very happy about gaining so much weight… I can honestly say that my freshman year was amazing I learned soo much and my relationship with God grew amazingly.
    I wish Reed and you the best in this new step of your life and lots and lots of Blessings from above. Hope the live original squad considers coming to Puerto Rico ❤️

  • Risa Ratliff says:

    Ah, those freshman 15. Mine were gained due to the snack machines in the Kay’s Hall dorm at Arkansas State University. Honey buns and chocolate milk. Probably whole milk, at that. And probably too much snacking at the Church of Christ Student Center right across the street. But in addition to a few lbs. gained over there, I gained more in friendships, grounding in my faith, and oh yes, my future husband. So, worth it! I wish you and Reed much happiness as your wedding approaches. I hope you got the mixer that was sent. It went out just prior to all the flooding in West Monroe this past spring and rode around on the truck forever before a delivery notice was sent. Just hope it went to the right house! Best wishes! You are going to make a gorgeous bride! Risa

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