Abide in Him

I struggle with bitterness.

Bitterness is something that is so hard for me to get rid of once I’ve developed it inside me. You always hear people say you just have to “let go,” which is true and I totally agree with BUT, what does it truly mean to “let go?”

Aaaand that’s the point I always get stuck…

I personally think that “letting go” looks different for every person and every person has their own way of doing so. I have to pray and pray and pray to God about it even when it feels like He isn’t there and stay in the Word.

Bitterness is something that is all consuming. It effects EVERYTHING. It effects your attitude, the way you see people, the way you look at situations, and ultimately your relationships. I believe bitterness is something that is deeply rooted. It’s not just because someone was mean to you one time or because they did something you did not like. It all stems from your heart.


Yeah that hurt me too when I realized that I wasn’t bitter because of what someone else did to me but because my heart wasn’t right. There wasn’t an external problem but an internal one. Well then how do you fix it?

I once watched a video by one of my favorite speakers, Christine Caine, where she talked about this. She explained with John 8:32, “Then if you know the truth then the truth will set you free.”  The only way that we can know the truth is if we are abiding in the one created what the truth is. The definition of the word “abide” is to accept or act in accordance with. In order to abide in the Lord we must dive into the Living Word that he gave us an accept what he is telling us. If we learn to abide in Him then we are knowing the truth and if we know the truth then the truth will set us free.

The problem lies with not abiding in God and as a result we do not know the truth so we cannot be set free. Once we know the truth then we are able to be set free and let go of the bitterness that’s kept us in chains for so long. The best part about this is is that God WANTS those chains. He is sitting there telling us over and over to let Him take them. It is not an inconvenience to Him, YOU are not an inconvenience to Him.


  • Hannah says:

    Girl, this is me, and these have been my two words. I write “abide” on my wrist every day just to remember. Love this post!

  • SlowlyHealing says:

    Thank you for sharing this! I do spend time in the Word, but my bitterness is difficult to get through. I settled with my husband and let him treat me like crap for years and all i ever expected from him was to quit smoking, drinking, gambling, cussing and watching things he shouldn’t have. Now, he doesn’t smoke, rarely drinks, struggles with cussing and occasional gambling and no longer looking at things he shouldn’t be. Finally attends church with me and trying to be a better dad than he ever had to our one year old daughter. 10 years I’ve prayed and I’m still praying and working through my bitterness. :’-)

  • Meagan says:

    love this!!

  • jessica says:

    This is exactly what I needed to read this morning. ♡

  • Stacy says:

    How can this be? Your so young with such wise words! A blessing indeed to me! You have a God given gift so let it shine! May your cup run over with blessings.

  • Stephanie says:

    Wow, just wow. I know I am struggling with bitterness in my life and I never thought about my own heart. I know I try and live my life happy but this will definitely help heal my bitterness so I can live a truly happy life. Thank you

  • Annielaurie says:

    Oh I love this! Thanks needed to read this today!!

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