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Hello! So happy you made it here. 

 I kept thinking..what in the world am I going to write my first post about? Then it dawned on me…the WHY. Isn’t that the first question we all ask anyways? As a little kid my siblings would make fun of me for constantly being the one asking “but why?” after every sentence.

We all want to know why; Why we do what we do and why other people do what they do. It’s in our being. 

Well it’s because it is something that I’m passionate about. I’m passionate about helping people. Whether that’s helping them physically or emotionally or even just hold their hand! If I went through something extremely painful but saw that I could help someone because of it, then every last bit was worth it.

I feel like I have things to share, things that God has placed on my heart,  things that could be helpful to others, things that no one ever told me about life that I had to figure out for myself.

 I’m going to be honest, whenever I first thought about doing this blog, the first word Satan put in my head was “inadequate.” “YOU, Brighton, are inadequate to do this. What in the world do you have to share? You have nothing to offer that could help anyone.”   I’m serious, these were the lies that Satan was constantly putting in my head, the more and more I progressed towards this blog. But God was telling me something else…He was telling me that YOU, Brighton, are more than adequate. YOU are enough and YOU have something to share. And that is because that something is Jesus. Jesus has radically changed my life, and the older I get it seems the more He’s doing it. So I owe it all to him to be radical and share with other people what He has done for me and what He will do for them.

As I am typing this, I’m praying for God to speak through me by taking my typing fingers. Even if I can only help or inspire ONE person then that is plenty for me, because one person can make a huge impact on millions. And isn’t that why we are alive? To share the love of Jesus radically? I believe so!

I hope this blog causes you to also be passionate because when people are passionate that’s when greatness happens and lives are changed. 

I also hope you can get to know me more on a personal level if you don’t already. So don’t worry, (not that you were) I will be sharing about more day-to-day things that I’ve got going on as well. But overall, I’m hoping that reading this can be a little light for you in this crazy fallen world that we live in. 

That’s my why.

xo, Brighton

  • averi says:

    Welcome to the blogging world!! I am beyond excited for you to embark on this new journey as The Bright Wife.
    what platform are you using? I love the look of your site!

  • Hi there Brighton,
    The lie of feeling inadequate to do what God has placed in your heart is literally the same thing I felt when I first started my blog a few months ago. I named first blog post “Unqualified” because that’s exactly how I felt. But the enemy wouldn’t try and make us feel that way if what we were doing wasn’t going to make an impact in His kingdom. Of course he’s going to try and make us feel that way so that maybe we might not follow through with His calling for our lives. But God is not the author of those feelings – for in Him we have power and authority! You are impacting His kingdom greatly, and that is for certain! Blessed by your posts.

    If you’ve got a chance, here’s the link to the post that I mentioned!

  • Chloe says:

    Brighton, this is beautiful. Blogging is such an important way of encouraging others and a wonderful way to find common ground and bond with others through honesty and positivity! I also have a blog and the Lord has used it in so many ways to bring light to His name! I know the Lord will be glorified through this and you following His will and guidance for you!
    My blog is rummagedpatience.wordpress.com if you want to check it out. Us bloggers have to stick together and help each other out! Lean on the Lord and He will guide you through this new adventure!

  • Catherine says:

    Brighton! Way to go girl, this blog post is great 🙂 Satan will try and get’cha but our God is so much GREATER and so much more POWERFUL than any strategy that Satan has against us.
    He is so good.
    Excited to see how He is going to work through you now and in the future.
    Keep up the awesome writing.

  • I am so excited to read your posts, Brighton! We are the same age and I’m also engaged and getting married in November. I love your encouraging words & looking forward to learning more about you!

  • Betty Soirez says:

    Brighton, you are precious…don’t let anything hard enough your heart…because you are so young…I feel the same way you feel…my whole life…there are haters…because they are insecure…anyway, I became a Certified Christian Counselor, since 2005…more are needed…you would be great at this…Light University, AACC…you can do it when you have time…love your heart…the Lord is there…because our mind gets us in trouble…always…preach, girl…in the Lord’s name…

  • Mimi says:

    I love you, precious angel! I am so proud of you and what Jesus is doing in your life! YOU are very special with a giving heart and I can’t wait to read more! God bless you as you continue in this journey!

  • April says:

    I can’t wait to read more of your posts. Thank you for being so open and vulnerable with us.
    You really are an inspiration and blessing to everyone who reads your blog or is around you. Keep shining for Christ, much love.

  • Jennifer Stephens says:

    Looking forward to getting to know you better! God bless!

  • Ida Pahus says:

    Excited to read more from you! God bless.

  • Love is so beautiful! The love in their eyes makes my heart happy! There is so much hate in this world, & this is so wonderful to see the love of a man & woman!!!! I just read your blog, & I felt like that was me writing that! I am a facts & sources person! I want to know the what, where, how, & whys of everything! When you take that approach to God & His word, & people & everything else, the farther you seek the ore real & true it becomes! And, you find out how really little you know! Thus you continue seeking & learning & finding out that the reality of God, people, the world is very complex & you become farther on your journey! As Paul said that only in Heaven will we understand the whole puzzle, not just confusing pieces & where you fit in that puzzle!!! I long for that day to be in Heaven forever & have the full understanding of my how’s, where, what, why were!!!

  • So excited for what you have in store for us! PS: Kuddos for doing this!

  • MIchelle says:

    I saved this yesterday to read, and didn’t get around to it until this morning. I really identified with the “lies Satan puts in your head”. I was feeling defeated about a huge project, and took a moment to find something to take my mind off of that. What I found was the link to your blog! So know that you’ve helped at least one person on this beautiful spring day that God has made find her perseverance, her better attitude and to shut out Satan and let God lead me. Thank you! I look forward to reading more from you!

  • Risa says:

    I am so encouraged by the enthusiasm for sharing the Lord and dedication to His word that I’m seeing in you and other young adults, like many at our church here in Sherwood (come visit-we’re not far from Harding-Sylvan Hills Church of Christ). I think as a whole many in your generation are farther along in your Christian walk than those in mine at your age. Y’all inspire me to do better and to share more. Looking forward to reading the messages God puts on your heart. God Bless, Brighton!

  • Taylor says:

    It’s been big on my heart, recently, that it’s important to have that “zealous” character behind our words as Christ-followers. I’ve seen that in my personal spiritual growth, I’ve naturally become a more passionate and zealous Jesus-follower, not wanting to hold anything back or miss an opportunity to show God’s love and kindness to the people around me. Your first blog post is definitely an encouragement to me, being that I have such a desire to be so zealous, but sometimes feel scared to be that way depending on who I’m around. Feeling that I might get judged, that fear of persecution. I don’t want anyone who loves Jesus with such a passion to ever back out from showing how much they love Him because of the fear of persecution and not being accepted, or because of the lies Satan whispers in our ears saying we’re inadequate to do so. Creating a blog may not be the easiest thing to keep up with, and Satan may surely try everything in his power to prevent Christian based blogs from reaching those who need it, but it’s honestly a great way to impact lives, and more lives than are around you. The people reading your blogs are all over the map. So not only is your ministry being taken to the places you go physically, but it’s being taken even further past your physical bounds and reaching lives that you never could’ve imagined. This blog is definitely an encouragement to me and has already impacted me, so I know it’s going to impact and encourage many others. Thank you for choosing to do this and for not listening to the lies Satan tells you, because it’s clear you are more than adequate to write blogs and that Jesus is living in you and using you for His Kingdom! Can’t wait for your future posts!

    – Tay

  • Lea says:

    Welcome to blogging!!! I look forward to following you and know you will be a blessing to many!

  • Bailey Brooks says:

    oh my goodness I am beyond excited for this!! can’t wait to hear what you have to say, Brighton!!

  • Jen Randolph says:

    Hey Brighton. You are going to be an inspiration to so many. You won’t even realize how many lives you affect by the uplifting, honest, sweet words you share! I am so looking forward to being updated on your life & how the Lord is working through you and the things he teaches you. Hank you for being willing to share this kind of stuff with everyone. It isn’t easy every time! It is brave and inspiring of you. Thank you for already being a huge part of my relationship with Jesus. I love you & miss you. Hugs & snuggles, your friend Jen.

  • your blog is so precious! I’m so excited for all the posts to come!

  • Hello Brighton! This is such a wonderful first post. I just launched a blog in April and I felt a lot of the same things! I pray that both of us can use these platforms to shine a light on God and glorify him! I would love for you to check out my site and maybe work together in the future!

  • Amber says:

    Hi Brighton. Thank you for allowing us to see a little glimpse inside of your life and mind. I’m sure this will be an exciting adventure for you.

  • Amanda says:

    Hello Brighton!! Welcome to the blogging world! I am so excited to continue reading your future posts! You have a sweet way with words. 🙂 I am sure many people will be encouraged and challenged in a great way by what God puts on your heart to write to all of us. I know I have been challenged by the Lord lately to love Him and others radically! 🙂


  • Meg says:

    This is sooo awesome!! Can’t wait to read all your blog posts!!❤️❤️

  • Regan says:

    Love your first post! I’ve been thinking about starting my own blog for some time now, and I love the start you’ve made with yours!

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